How to Play

Put the CD in the system, press play, sell/give away your tickets and off you go! Keep an eye on your players for claims and pause the CD when a shout is made! Have some fun by giving people hints to the song or simply help them along by naming the track.

All games last around 15 minutes and are as versatile as they are fun, Make a night of it by playing 4 games in an evening, use them as a special round between a quiz, keep people in after the football by giving away tickets during the game, or play them on a karaoke evening to get everyone in the mood!! Some people simply put on the game when the venue is busy and get everyone playing and singing along!

  • All bingo tickets are pre-printed using variable data technology ensuring no two tickets are the same.
  • You can even rotate your games and use leftover tickets across a number of nights.
  • Players listen to the music mark off the songs on their card and play for a win, very simple, very entertaining and very addictive!

Try it for yourself

Press play on the green button below to start playing.

When you hear a song that is on your card simply mark off that square. You are playing for a line across your card.

All songs must have been played in order to validate the claim

When you think you have a claim shout "Rock and Roll Bingo"