Rock and Roll Bingo – Best for Bank Holiday


Each year here at Rock and Roll Bingo we hear the same thing from you guys, “It’s been fantastic over the bank holiday!”

With everybody out enjoying a long weekend in the sun it’s a great time to roll out game and make sure that you realise the maximum potential of Rock and Roll Bingo. Historically, August bank holiday has seen a higher number of ticket sales than any other calendar date, so if you are thinking about starting up, it’s the best time to get a good launch and ensure that you kick it off in style.

In other news, this month we have had a brilliant article written about us by the guys at BritPopNews. They wanted to highlight how Rock and Roll Bingo is helping to both lift the game of Bingo as a whole, but also provide pubs and bars with a great new form of entertainment. Take a look for yourself by following the link here.