All Things Rock and Roll


Last November, Rock and Roll Bingo were celebrating its 10th year anniversary and we are constantly going on the up and up.

We work with a number of different companies to provide great entertainment nationally and internationally. Each month we are growing, more and more venues are coming to us for their entertainment. Our progression means we are now working with larger volumes of Blue Chip and independent companies as well as tenanted venues.

Our main drive is always about helping venues make money, and this year we have once again helped Greene King with their Macmillan May up and down the country. We have been a part of Greene Kings charity event for several years, being able to help them exceed their target of £1 million over three years to instead reach £4 million. This progressive growth comes from the bespoke games that provide outstanding entertainment for everyone who buys from us. The bespoke games are built with a range of themes in mind, each month having a different drive behind the way the games are built. For example, one month may be TV themes which would be the intro of your favourite TV shows; the next month could be festival favourites which are bands who have headlined any British festivals.

The best thing about this is no-one else can legally provide this quality of entertainment. We are fully licensed by PRS, PPL and we work with a range of large record labels. To name some: Sony BMG and Universal Music Group.

What does this mean?

It means that you the buyer doesn’t have to worry about any of the finicky bits, we make sure all of the legalities with playing specific music in your venues are sorted. So great quality products directly sent to your door ready for you to get rocking and rolling. All of this is why Rock and Roll Bingo has been going strong for 10 years; we strongly believe that the entertainment should be about engaging your audience and building connections. In a world where technology is taking over we believe that pubs and bars should be a respite from all of that, creating interpersonal relationships rather than disconnection and this is exactly we strive to do. We hope to hear from you soon and if you are considering getting some new entertainment in your venue, we are always here to help and you will always be left wanting more.

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