Corporate Events

Takin’ Care of Business

Bachman Turner Overdrive (1973)

Some of the biggest bluechip companies in the UK have used Rock and Roll Bingo to help put some fun into their corporate events.

Rock and Roll Bingo has the same fun factor whether it’s 10 people playing or 1000. It has been used in a small local shop to add a bit of fun in a staff training day and with 700 strong crowds at the annual gala event in The Hilton Park Lane’s Grand Ball Room, for the launch of The Great British Pub Awards.

We have played Rock and Roll Bingo for the past 3 years at the Great British Pub Awards gala event to help raise money for their chosen charity the Licensed Trade Charity. If you’re holding a gala/corporate event and want to raise money for a nominated charity then instead of just taking table donations, play a game of Rock and Roll Bingo which is great fun, everyone can join in and it will help boost donations.

Rock and Roll Bingo has made a real difference to our fundraisers at the Park Lane Hilton for the Great British Pub Awards over the last 3 years. Everyone in the 700+ audience takes part and we have raised over £17,000 for our work.
Lizz Gaffer
Director of Marketing & Charity Services - Licensed Trade Charity

We Don't Need No Education

Pink Floyd (1979)

New research undertaken by post-graduate business students at Sheffield Hallam University has proven fun is a key influence for successful work-related learning. The report, commissioned by Alton Towers Resort, brings together results from a survey of hundredss of employees from small start-ups through to large, established organisations.

The research investigated the concept that “fun improves learning” by combining academic theories with organic research. The report highlights a clear connection between fun and corporate events. A high majority said they would be able to concentrate more on the work-based task or activity if there was an element of fun added to the day.

So for event planners looking to increase the appeal of corporate events and for employers wanting to maximise the effect of their events by increasing delegate engagement, a combination of fun and serious learning offers the solution, and yes, you guessed it, both Sheffield Hallam University and Alton Towers use Rock and Roll Bingo!

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