Rock and Roll Bingo

Welcome to Rock and Roll Bingo  the UK's fastest growing pub game.

Fun, versatile and profitable! Take a look around and see what Rock and Roll Bingo can do for you. From small village locals to big city centre venues and holiday parks, we’ve got it covered. So order today and be part of our success!

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From the Rock and Roll Bingo team.

What Is It?

Quite simply, bingo with music....

  • Replace traditional bingo numbers with 15-second clips of music housed on a CD.
  • Replace the numbers on the bingo card with the name of an artist and song.
  • When you hear a song that’s on your card, mark it off.

That’s the musical bingo phenomenon that is Rock and Roll Bingo!

Key Benefits

  • The most favourable thing to come out of using Rock and Roll Bingo is increased sales, whether wet sales, food sales or the additional revenue of ticket sales.
  • There can be substantial revenue received from each pack with ticket sales alone, based on £1 RRP per ticket. This makes the product not only self-funding but incredibly profitable.
  • This is a far cry from the traditional number bingo and appeals to a wider demographic. We find it brings people together within the pub community, with older customers helping younger, rockers helping the pop crowd etc.
  • Variety in the game is very important, therefore we never produce the same game twice and ensure there is a great mix of music per game. Rock and Roll Bingo is a unique piece of entertainment and, unlike a pub quiz, it’s a game of luck and skill. So there will be NO cheating from your customers.
  • There is no subscription to the game so you can use it as little or as often as you wish, (although the more you play the better!). There is just a one-off payment for each pack.

So if you’re looking for new entertainment to complement quizzes, karaoke nights and other special events throughout the year or even replace a tired old pub quiz, then look no further than Rock and Roll Bingo! It gives your DJ,quiz master or host a fun and profitable game all in one self-contained package that cannot be found anywhere else.