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Greatest Hits
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Greatest Hits Vols 1 to 4

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The Greatest Hits Vols 1 to 4 Single Game pack has 45 clips from the top hits in history. The greatest hits around the world from over 70 years of music. Songs include; Let’s Dance by David Bowie, Everything I Do by Bryan Adams, Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, Uptown Girl by Billy Joel and many more.

Single games are great for smaller events and venues, each pack has a choice of 40 to 200 tickets. Add an extra twist on your night by mixing and matching a few different themed single games together. And with over 60 genres to choose from there is always something to suit your events.

The MP3 music files are supplied by a QR code in the pack, however a CD is available on requested, just ask in the additional info box – on check out.

Need more tickets? Fancy playing a Christmas game with all 150 of your staff? Contact us to ask about any bulk buying, as we can supply larger volumes of single games for any occasion. Call us and speak to the team, tell us about your event needs and we’ll help find the best solution for you.

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