Rock and Roll Bingo Digital

I get locked down, but I get up again!

Bounce back with a month of pub entertainment that’s 100% free and 100% COVID-safe.

It’s been immensely tough getting through the last year, hasn’t it? And if there’s one thing we love more than music, it’s music with friends in the pub. That’s why we’re giving away one free month of Rock and Roll Bingo for one reason only – you’ve been the heart of the community for generations and deserve a hand to GET UP AGAIN.

What is it?

Rock and Roll Bingo is a self-working music bingo game packed with the most toe-tappin’, bum wigglin’ sing-alongs, specifically designed for pubs to give their customers a stellar night of entertainment.

Not only is it a much-loved game across the country, but it is also entirely COVID-safe, host-free, played on punters’ own devices around a table (or socially distanced) and incredibly easy to just plug-in-and-go with the pre-recorded host running the game for you!

What is included?

Once you have registered your pub you will be gifted enough tokens to host 10 games across your first month at times of your choosing.

Each game includes a pre-recorded host and the music, it will even announce as your game is getting close to starting – all you have to do is plug your phone in to your audio system!

We’ll also send you a free promotional bundle to support you in advertising your nights of Rock and Roll Bingo and help get people back through the door.

I get locked down, but I get up again!

Just three simple steps to get your pub access to Rock and Roll Bingo:

Download the Rock and Roll Bingo app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Register as a pub when filling
in your user details.
(If you already have an account just hit ‘Host a game’ and then ‘Register as a pub’)

Claim your free tokens & you’re ready to roll!

How to host a game in your pub:

1. Hit ‘Host a game’.

2. Complete the game form, choosing ‘Host a pub game’ in game style and hit ‘Join game’.

3. Tap your pub name in the list to enter the game waiting room. Plug your phone into your sound system and you’re away (the app will know you’re a registered pub and will play the music from your phone.)

How will a customer join the game?
Once they’ve downloaded and registered as a user on the app they just need to find your pub listed under ‘Play in a pub’.

When you have a game due to start, they can enter the ‘waiting room’. From here the game will start and their phones become the bingo score card. The music won’t play through their phone as they should be in your pub to join in!

£1000 cash prize up for grabs in a national celebration game!

Let’s get the country singing from the rafters to celebrate the return of the heart of the community – you!
In celebration of getting back to what you do best, we wanted to bring us all together with a
‍national game of Rock and Roll Bingo on Friday 21st May at 8pm!

There’s a hefty £1000 cash on offer for the winning punter, a great prize to help you promote the game and get your customers excited to join in. Once you’ve registered as a pub on the app you’ll be sent information on how to join the national game.

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