TV Themes Special Pack

TV Themes Special Pack

Item Number: TVSPEC

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Every month we produce a ''Special Pack'' of Rock and Roll Bingo! These specially themed packs are a great way to add a fantastic twist to your entertainment and are sure to fit into your diary. Special packs are available in all sizes, but are Limited Edition so you need to get in quick.

Each special pack has 3 regular games and 1 themed game.

Remember these packs are bought as one off’s, you’re not entering in to a subscription. Just come back and order more when you’ve run out!

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TV Themes

A lot of technology withers and dies as something newer and better comes along. But one electronic device that’s defied the test of time is the television.

This year marks 80 years since the BBC opened the world's first regular 'high-definition' television service, from Alxandra Palace. To celebrate, here's our TV Theme Tunes Special edition.