With a Little Help from My Friends

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Welcome to the Rock and Roll Bingo help and support page. Here you will find everything from downloadable posters to the most frequently asked questions.

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Life Support

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We work with a lot of companies from The Rank Group (Mecca Bingo) and Bourne Leisure (Haven Holidays) to the top managed and tenanted pub companies in the UK. Rock and Roll Bingo has gained a lot of support.

If you haven’t heard of Rock and Roll Bingo before, take a look at our product guide.

Take a look at our cost and revenue breakdown for our most popular pack (the bronze pack), to see how much money your venue can make based on size and the number of games played per session.

We have provided a free “belly” poster for you to download and print to help advertise your events.

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21 Questions

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Well it’s not quite 21, but here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions about Rock and Roll Bingo. If you can’t find the answer below then feel free to give us a call or email us with your query.

Q.    How long will it take my pack to arrive?
A.    This depends on the delivery method chosen by you at the point of sale. Most of our packs will be sent out by 2nd class post and will take 3 to 5 days to be delivered. Other options are available from next day delivery to 1st class. 

Q.    How do I buy top up tickets?
A.    We don’t supply top up tickets. We produce the packs on a monthly basis so there will always be something new for your customers. If you find that you are getting some odds and ends left over from a game, then we would recommend playing a “first come, first served” jackpot game. For example: Charge £5.00 for the last 5 tickets you have left, to the first 5 people wanting to enter and then play a game straight to a full house and give the £25.00 cash pot to the winner.

Q.    I’ve lost my CDs and song sheets, can I get replacements & how?
A.    The simple answer is yes! Of course you can. Just get in contact with us and we can supply you with replacements either by post or via email.

Q.    Do I have to split the prize if I have multiple winners?
A.    This is up to you, if you have 2 people that have won and don’t mind sharing then go for it. Or you could use a tie breaker question or activity to determine the outright winner. Make it your own and do something funny like; how fast can they each eat a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar!

Q.    How long does my pack last?
A.    This is the ultimate question! It is completely down to how often you play and how many people take part in  the game when you do. Take our Bronze pack, this has 4 games in it and 100 ticket per game (totalling 400). If you were run the game once a week and play to 100 people each time, then the pack would last 4 weeks. Similarly, if you were run the game once a week and play to 50 people each time, then the pack would last 8 weeks. 
The whole point about Rock and Roll Bingo is that you buy it when you need to. We have some venues that buy a pack once a week; on the flip side we have venues that only buy a couple packs a year to use with their charity nights.

Q.    How much do I charge for tickets and what prizes should I give away?
A.    Prizes can be as simple or extravagant as you like; from a bag of crisps or a pair of marigolds to a pitcher of beer, gift cards or even Spa treatments! 
Prizes should reflect the amount you are charging for the tickets, we wouldn’t recommend charging £5.00 per ticket and giving a star prize of a bag of crisps! That’s just not gonna win you any friends.

Q.    Do I need someone to run it for me?
A.    This again is completely up to you. If you’re running the game in your local then no, you don’t have to as the game pretty much runs it’s self. But you could get a member of staff to do it or maybe a customer that likes the sound of their own voice (we all know every pub has one of those!).
If on the other hand you are playing to 1000 people for charity night for example, then you might want to get a host with nerves of steel!

If you have any queries that have not been answered here feel free to drop us an email here.