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Regular Ticket Pack

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The Regular Ticket Pack is the core of the Rock and Roll Bingo catalogue. With a new pack being produced every month you’ll never need to be stuck for a game to play. From pub’s and clubs to DJ’s and home parties this will suit.

Each game will have a fantastic mix of hits from the last 5 decades, from Elvis and the Beatles to the Kings of Leon and Adele and more.

Play with up to 50 people at once with the Mini pack – through to a massive 300 people with our Gold pack. And with 4 full games of Rock and Roll Bingo you’ll have any venue jumpin’. Packs can be reused until all tickets have gone.

If you’re selling your tickets there is potential revenue of £400 per Bronze pack based on £1 RRP per ticket. If you are happy to foot the bill for the pack, you can of course let your guests play the game for free to grow footfall in which case your additional revenue will come from wet and dry sales alone.

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Regular Ticket Pack are an eclectic mix of the most popular music from the last 50 years! From Elvis and the Beatles to the Kings of Leon and Adele and more. Each Regular pack contains 4 fantastic games.

Remember, these packs are bought as one-offs, you’re not entering into a subscription. Just come back and order more when you’ve run out!

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